Our congratulations go to the latest students who recently passed their driving tests.

Tips on Choosing the Right Driving Instructor

Having an experienced driving instructors guaranteed that you are having quality and safe driving lessons. However since there are thousands of driving school to choose you need to find the right one that suits not only with your budget but also your driving needs.

To help you in finding the right driving instructor here are some few tips that you may consider before enrolling in a driving school.

  • Ensure you enquire enough from different instructors in order to know more about the services they are offering and get to know them as well. Some might be more experienced and qualified as compared to others; therefore, you can get to know for how long they have been working.
  • You can also enquire on the types of programs they are offering, their prices, the kind of vehicles they have and whether you can choose the kind of instructor you want, either a male or a female.
  • You should look for a cheap deal.
  • Finally, the other most crucial thing you should enquire is if they are on the Register of Approved Driving Instructors.

Having a tight schedule isn’t a problem anymore as you can enroll with Intensive driving courses Mansfield and learn safe driving in less than a week!

David Colclough

Congratulations to David Colclough on passing the practical driving test at the Ashfield test centre today. A great drive with only one minor fault. Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks for the motorway driving.

Safe driving lessons in Mansfield guaranteed to pass your driving test. Become one of our pass students and be a professional driver in no time.

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How To Find The Best Mansfield Driving Instructors

In order to get the right Mansfield driving instructors you need to decide whether you would like to learn automatic or manual vehicle since a manual vehicle enables you to learn full controls of the vehicle like gears and clutch. You have the ability to drive any kind of vehicle in future.

You can opt to choose either intensive or hourly tuition program. An intensive program has better pass rates since it involves longer lessons however, if you are busy, then hourly tuition is the best for you.

You can decide to have a male or a female instructor since some people might feel relaxed and safe with women while in others men might be their right choice. The instructor is also there to assist you on the best vehicle to train with for easy and fast understanding.

If you want to become a responsible driver then choosing the right Mansfield Driving Instructors is the perfect choice for you. Here at Oakham School of Motoring we guaranteed that all of your driving instructors are DSA approved, professional, highly experienced and very friendly.

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Tom Gascoigne

Congratulations to Tom Gascoigne on passing a very eventful driving test on the first attempt at the Ashfield test centre. A great drive well done.

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Dan Sheridan

Congratulations to Dan Sheridan on passing the practical driving test on the First attempt at the Worksop test centre with only 2 minor faults. Its been a great pleasure getting you through the test.

If you want to past your test then get the driving skills you need from the best driving schools in Mansfield.

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Caroline Lewis

Well done to Caroline Lewis on passing the theory test on the first attempt.

Ryan Mitchell

Well done to Ryan Mitchell on passing the practical test on the first attempt, it was a pleasure coaching you.(no photo by request).

Phim Marsh

Congratulations to Phim Marsh on passing the practical test on the first attempt, with only a few driver faults. A really good drive well done ( no photo by request).

Rhianne Cabourne

Congratulations also to Rhianne Cabourne on passing the practical test today. A good day for both pupils.

Katy Green

Well done to Katy Green on passing the theory test on the first attempt.