Our congratulations go to the latest students who recently passed their driving tests.

Sue, Rebecca and Tanya

Another good week for tests with 3 out of 3 passing, well done to Sue, Rebecca and Tanya.

Antony Parkes

Well done to Antony Parkes on passing the theory test today in less than a month of starting driving lessons.

David Smith

A good start to the year for David Smith on passing the theory test. Well done.

Russell Parkin

Yay Antony Parkes has past his driving test. Thanks to Russell Parkin of Oakham School of Motoring for getting all 3 of my son’s through first time!!

Amber Birkin

Congratulations to Amber Birkin on passing the Practical Driving Test with only a few d/f. A great drive and good comments from the examiner.

Michael Dodds

Congratulations to Michael Dodds on passing the Theory test on the first attempt.

Benjamin Wheat – 1 Driver Fault

Well done to Benjamin Wheat on passing the practical test with only 1 driver fault. Keep up the good driving and don’t forget to wave when driving by.

Luke Draycott – 2 Driver Faults

A big well done to Luke Draycott on passing the practical driving test with only 2 driver faults, its been a pleasure to teach you and your family members to drive.

Beth – 1 Driver Fault

Congratulations to Beth on passing the practical test on the first attempt and with only 1 driver fault. A brilliant drive well done.

George – Passes

Well done to George on passing the practical test today. It was a great pleasure to help you pass the driving test